Woolly Hollow State Park Hosts CAMNs First Volunteer Activity


March 6th was cold and clear when five happy CAMNers were warmly greeted by the Woolly Hollow staff with pastries and juices.  The work crew included Basil Hicks (NiT), Larry Stobaugh, Carlee Adams, Jay Justice, and Sharon Fergusson. 

Park Superintendent Mark Roland outlined the job for the day.   Trail markers were needed on the Huckleberry Trail and limbs that had fallen over the winter needed clearing  away.  Superintendent Roland also gave an overview of other needed maintenance at this hidden jewel just to the north of Greenbrier.

Huckleberry Trail is a three mile loop around the park with one long section paralleling the shoreline of  lovely little Lake Bennett.  With assistance from Assistant Superintendent Steve Wilson, Park Interpreter Mandy Martin-Rowe, and Maintenance Specialist Kyle Thessing new aluminum markers were attached to trees to aid hikers in finding their way around the trail.  The group divided into two parties going opposite directions around the trail.  One group placed blue markers for those walking counterclockwise.  The other put up red for clockwise travelers.   Limbs and vines in the trail were cut and moved out of the path. In just a few hours, the chore was done and everyone had ideas for more projects to be tackled in the future.   Rangers and volunteers are both excited about the possibilities for this new partnership between Woolly Hollow and CAMN. 

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