WAMN* work day at Cherokee Prairie

A good partnership Love those grabbers!

Saturday started out with heavy rain, but fortunately that cleared out before Western Arkansas Master Naturalists trekked to Cherokee Prairie Nature Area for the clean up day. A threatening beginning turned into a perfect day to be in the outdoors.

The plan had been to clean out the creek area, but that had been decided during a dry spell when Prairie Creek was low. With the rains of the last week, the creek was flooded, which put paid to those plans. Instead, trash pickup was along highways 60 and 271 where they cut through the prairie. With an even number of people, we were able to break into teams of two and so devide and conquor the highway shoulders.

Joining us was Kat from the Arkansas Nataral Heritage Commission, pitching in because Cherokee Prairie Nature Area is part of ANHC. WAMN is partnered with ANHC to assist with tasks like native seed collection, invasive species removal, and yes, trash collection, so we do what needs doing. However, it never hurts when ANHC joins us for a work day and brings a box of snacks and swag. Thanks, Kat, we feel appreciated!

Cherokee Prairie Lots of trash Swag!

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