NWAMN’s Jill Morgan, a Fantastic Mother Nature at Hobbs State Park!

Our topic this day was “Dandelions, Stars in the Grass” after the book by Mia Posada.  I read that book and three others, one about how the Dandelion is more than a weed, and another about the life of a dandelion, from seed to plant, to flower & back to seed.  I pressed a “blowing” flower between pieces of clear packing tape, some flowers in a jar and one whole plant, in water, along with a carrot, so they could see what a tap root looked like.  We talked about “kid” things, like making chains & flower wreaths and seeing if you like “butter” by putting the flower under your chin.  We also talked about the many flowers a dandelion really is, and how you can “color” with the pollen, if you rub a flower on paper.  Our walk included looking for dandelions in the front of the visitor’s center, and we concluded by painting a flower and a “wishing” flower on paper that had the leaves already on it.  The yellow flower was done with plastic forks, and the white flowers were done with “kooz” balls.  –Jill Morgan, aka Mother Nature at Hobbs State Park Visitor Center.  Photos by Kitty Sanders.


Reading “Dandylion” by Eddie Richardson, Illustrated by Vacieanna Berry.  It’s a sweet book about a little boy who sees a real lion in a dandelion and has to convince his mother it’s worth looking at.  We talked about how our imaginations can see many things.  The kids identified the lion he saw as a yellow flower , with a ladybug mouth and a tufted tail made of “wishing” flower.  –Jill Morgan, aka Mother Nature at Hobbs State Park Visitor Center.

Here we are singing “Mother Swomee Swan” – I was an elementary music teacher in my recent past life and the song is actually “Goony Bird”, about an albatross, but it’s a great warm up and giggle-getter for groups of all ages.  It was a great group of kids from ages 2 – 12, as we had a visiting 4-H club that morning. –Jill Morgan, aka Mother Nature at Hobbs State Park Visitor Center.

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