Northwest Chapter Participates in University of Arkansas Insect Festival

Article and photography by Phyllis Kane.

Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalists were pleased to support the 2016 Insect Festival hosted by the University of Arkansas Entomology department on October 18, 2016.  The goal of this bi-annual festival is to educate and entertain the people of Arkansas, particularly its children, about the beauty, value, and interest of insects and other arthropods.

Master Naturalists brought to the festival their exhibits on bats, butterflies, and pollination, which featured among other things, live caterpillars and a flying bat (artificial).

Busloads of interested and excited area students totaling over 2500 attended this free event at the Pauline Whitaker Animal Science Center in Fayetteville.  This volume of students made for an especially busy morning for our Master Naturalists, but also clearly showed the success of this festival!

  Jill Winter-Morgan created a flying bat for this bat exhibit.

Jill Winter-Morgan created a flying bat for this bat exhibit.

2016 Insect Festival-3

Rose Gergerich shares her expertise at the pollination exhibit.

2016 Insect Festival-4

Kitty Sanders is in her element at the butterfly exhibit.

2016 Insect Festival-1

Warren Fields talks of butterflies.

2016 Insect Festival-6

Tom Waggoner, Christie Waggoner, and Denis Dean get a well-earned   break after the all-morning rush.

2016 Insect Festival-5

Warren Fields, Kitty Sanders, and a university volunteer talk of caterpillars.



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