Northwest Chapter Participates in Secchi Day

Paula Hixson talks frog facts at the Life Cycle of the Frog exhibit.


Article and photos by Phyllis Kane

Northwest Arkansas Master Naturalists were pleased to support the 12th annual Secchi Day at Beaver Lake August 19, 2017.  This educational water and science festival is named for the Secchi Disk, a black and white disk lowered into the water to measure its clarity.

Our Master Naturalists provided their expertise at nine interactive educational exhibits, including those featuring the water cycle, macroinvertebrates, frogs, a watershed model, and a water trivia wheel.  Our members also talked with interested prospects at a master naturalist recruiting booth.

Attending adults and children alike enjoyed the combination of learning and fun that Secchi Day offered.  As Diane Monk master naturalist coordinator for the event noted afterwards, “The smiles on the attendees’ faces told it all.”


Laura Villegas, Megan Morton, and Nancy Gilmore preside at the Incredible Journey water cycle exhibit.


Bruce Pertle and Wendi Williams display the Beaver Lake Watershed Model.


Carolyn Hartman talks plants at the Plant This Not That display.


Nancy Gilmore gets children started on the Incredible Journey water cycle exhibit.


A girl spins the Water Trivia Wheel helped by Terry Weiderhaft.


Children craft 3-toed box turtles helped by Jane Houseal and Dee Collins.


Ken Leonard discusses macroinvertebrates in front of beautiful Beaver Lake.


Pat French and a young expert demonstrate our available water at the Drop In The Bucket display.


Zoe Morton joins Master Naturalist Secchi Day coordinators Diane and Dave Monk at the NWAMN recruitment booth.


Steve Sampers speaks to attendees in front of the NWAMN recruitment booth.

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