NEAMN Visits Mississippi River State Park

October 1, 2015 Arkansas State Parks took over the operation of all recreational facilities within the St. Francis National Forest.  As a result of new phases of development, MRSP Park Interpreter Tara Gillanders extended NEAMN an invitation for a VIP park tour.  The area has a long and interesting history, and is being developed through a special use permit from the U.S Forest Service.

The river pictures include one of the confluence of the St. Francis River and the Mississippi River, and to give you a little perspective of the width of the river there, a picture of a barge.

neamn-mrsp1 neamn-mrsp6 neamn-mrsp7

neamn-mrsp8 neamn-mrsp9 neamn-mrsp10


It was a great trip.  If you ever get a chance to go, please take time to drive down the river road and go back to the confluence.

We took the highway back to the visitors’ center, but the other road is a very pretty drive.  It actually goes along the top of the ridge.

Thanks to Tara for a wonderful day and for taking us to a good place to eat BBQ.  We loved it.

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