NCAMN Stream Team NiT Training

article and photos by Anne Criss

Bob Verboon explains how macroinvertebrates play a role in Ozark streams.

On Saturday, April 15th, Sean Saunders AGFC Region I Stream Team Coordinator, Dwan Garrison, and Bob Verboon gave a presentation on Ozark macroinvertebrates at the Fred Berry Conservation Education Center on Crooked Creek in Yellville.  With the help of members of NCAMN’s Stream Team,  NCAMN’s NiT class was introduced to importance of accurate stream evaluation. 

Dwan Garrison explains the chemistry of Ozark streams.

The presentation consisted of classroom instruction on the chemistry of streams, the role of macroinvertebrates in the streams and then a hands-on afternoon experience in Crooked Creek. This is where members were able to put into practice techniques concepts learned in the classroom sessions

NCAMN 2017 NiTs get help in identifying macroinvertebrates from Sean Saunders.

NCAMN currently monitors five streams including Jimmie Creek, Moccasin Creek and Town Branch in Marion County; Pigeon Creek in Baxter County; and Calico Creek in Izard County.

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