Mt. Nebo, Gum Springs, Bench, Summit and Rim trail loop

This was an impromptu planned hike on this past Saturday,  9/2/2017. I only gave two days notice.

At the trailhead, I met up with Larry Price. Then along came a group of kids of many ages, they were just running all about. As Larry and myself started walking to the trail I look back and said, we are going to dig for gold, we both had our Mattocks in our hands, hahaha, one said, “you going hiking”, yes we responded. As we were making our way down to the waterfall area they passed us. I showed them what we were doing. We saw them again at the base of the waterfall area and words were exchanged. I said to Larry, it is very encouraging to see this group running all around. no phones in sight. As we walked on they were all in front of us, soon we could not hear them, I looked at Larry and said, “we are hiking? I think they are hiking”, wow, all that energy.

    We hiked the Mt Nebo State Park Gum Springs Trail down to the spring and the Bench Trail. All along the way we scraped, dug, hoed and picked the dirt and stones off the steps. This debris won’t get blown off with a back pac blower. We fixed several steps, moved rather big stones around, back into place, and also just got them out of the way. Some large rocks you even wondered where they came from, up above somewhere. When you clean a set of steps and look back at what you did, you smile with yourself. Good job, looks fantastic!

At Gum Springs, which by the way, had very clear water pooling just at the spring. I said to Larry, good enough to drink it? Nope, we both agreed. The mountain was pushing several wall rocks out of place. We dug the dirt out behind them, allowing us to push them back into place. I also moved a few seat rocks back into place. When we finish those tasks, oh it looked so much better, just like it should. I can check that off as another smile.

We made out way, along the Bench Trail to Fern lake, along the way we met two state park guys that do all the maintenance, they told us of a fallen tree they had to remove, he also told us they use a blower on the trails, I told him I’m glad to hear that. We talked about the fate of Fern Lake with them. They told us they just completed a new damn.  We told them what we were doing, they liked that. At Fern Lake, it looked pretty dismal. I’m not sure what the plan is? Larry said we need to contact the “Friends of Fern Lake”, yeah I wondered, do they exist. We made our way up Summit Trail doing the same work all the way up. Made it to the Rim Trail, took a right towards the cars. At that point, we were just 2 hours in, not a bad time. 10 minutes back to the cars.

Larry took off and I ate my sandwich. Then I drove out to Sunrise Point. It is at this point the ultralights jump off and soar away, they were not there but I spent several minutes just enjoying the scenery and taking photos. Another great day that will live for Larry and me. I believe in all my heart that some past CCC men were smiling down on us as we cleaned their steps and at times you could almost hear them thanking you.

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A great Arkansas Park

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