Great Backyard Birdcount Photos

This was my fourth year to do the Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) and enter their bird photo contest. This year, being a CAMN member, I got to use the time counting birds as part of my volunteer hours. I did my bird count from the deck in my backyard. I have thirteen bird feeders and six suet feeders.

The bird counting was easy for me but taking pictures was more difficult this year. I fell and broke my arm one week before the bird count started. I used a 400 mm lens on my camera which is large and heavy. I rested the lens on the cast on my right arm (I am right handed). Somehow I managed to take a few shots without camera shake.

So far more than 5,400 have been entered in the 2013 GBBC photo contest. This year 1,700 photos have been added to the online photo gallery, the largest selection ever posted. It is a great site to go to improve your bird identification skills.

I have never had a winning photo but it is always fun to get my photos in the GBBC bird photo gallery on their web site. In 2009 I did have one of my bird photos chosen for release to the news media and printed in Wild Bird magazine.

I have noticed over the years of doing the GBBC I don’t have as many songbirds as I did when I first started counting birds despite my many bird feeders. I certainly have plenty of grackles to eat my birdseed!

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