Foothills two stream team day and more

My drive to the first Stream Team event, 8/19/17, was a beautiful one. Early morning fog enhanced the sights along the interstate to Morrilton, very scenic. I navigated underneath the Hwy. 65 bridge and came upon the group, lab already set up. Parked. We were along the South Fork of the Little Red River. As tests were being performed, Larry and I walked the boat launch down to the creek. Very nice as I put my hand in the water. We discussed how a couple of boats would be helpful for stream team here. At lower water that thought may be mute as you could just wade in. We quickly packed up the equipment. We drove to Archey Fork Park in Clinton. We were told take the dirt road just before the parking lot, we, 4 cars, ended up behind the ball field where no vehicles are allowed, yikes, we had traveled down the wrong dirt road, not good. So, we quickly got out of there as walkers, joggers and the like all stared at us and wondered what the heck we were doing  We finally made it to our event site for the 2nd Stream Team. 


Soon two groups had their nets in the water, one group, up-creek, and one down. The setting was very nice. The fellowship, fun, feeling good about helping out, team work. All that and more comes into play. We spent maybe 30 minutes on the creek, then made our way up to the area where the tables were located. As the group was busy I noticed a woman with her two kids walking the hiking path. I noticed the one son had a fly fishing rod. I invited them and then I walked them to our group. The fly fisherman got to see live bugs that looked just like the artificial fly’s he uses. It was a very rewarding exchange by all involved. I still hope to get an email from them. We caught a good amount of different aquatic bugs and listed them all on the charts.


We packed up everything and moved the short distance to the Pavilion. There the lab was re-set-up. Others started arriving. A wonderful apple pie that tasted fresh from the oven was served. Then a banana nut bread that was simply delish.  I want to thank both the members who brought those. Our President, Tom, next gave a talk on energy, ways to conserve and save money. I learned, at least at his company, that I always thought it was me, just isn’t so. The whole talk was very relevant to us being master naturalists, conservationists, and environmentally conscious. His tips can let you be a conserver every day at your home. Next, we discussed a few things such as Wilderness First Aid, no official meeting, but we got said what needed to be said. We enjoyed each other’s company. We slowly started packing up, then as most have gone I’m thinking that was a good day, rewarding, fun, inspiring, educational…



Please join us next time.

Took this through the back window of the car



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