CAMN* – Reroute of East Quarry Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park

CAMN menbers recently completed a reroute of the East Quarry Trail at Pinnacle Mountain State Park. The old section with stair steps was in disrepair and unsafe.
A quarter mile reroute was laid out , cleared, groomed, and blazed. Signs were moved and the old section was closed and naturalized. Long ago dumped junk was also removed.
Richard Lawrence, Jim DeVries, Frank Meeks, Erin Schoen, Bert Turner, Dave Schroeder, John Shifflet, and Bill Toland participated in the effort. Several hikers passed through while we were there and gave their thumbs up.

CAMN East Quarry1 CAMN East Quarry2 CAMN East Quarry3 CAMN East Quarry4
It doesn’t take long to do projects as described when you have an experienced group of volunteers like we do.

Article and Photos by Bill Toland

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