CAMN Members attend training in Orienteering led by Bert and Bill!

Article and photos by Anne Holcomb:

A small group of ten CAMN members gathered at Pinnacle Mountain State Park on Sat., December 2 for training in orienteering.  Leaders Bert Turner and Bill Toland provided expert instruction that was a good basic entry point for most participants while serving as a useful review for a few others. The group spent the morning learning how to read a compass (as well as how NOT to read one), how to find the azimuth between two points, triangulate locations, take compass bearings and follow them, orient a map to a compass, adjust for declination, etc. The afternoon portion of the class gave the group ample opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills on the rough terrain of the park’s SARTEC-approved orienteering course, which Bert was responsible for developing several years back.  Everyone managed to find their way out again, eventually, but we all agreed there’s a lot more involved in not getting lost in the woods than we’d first thought!

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