CAMN Field Trip To Warren Prairie

Hearty Souls: Nancy Deckard, Suzanne DeVries, Jim DeVries, Nancy Wyatt, Bill Holimon, AHNC Employee Melinda (Devon Holimon taking photo)

The threatening weather couldn’t keep 6 hearty CAMN members from their mission to see the banding of a red-cockaded woodpecker nestling!  And the weather did more than threaten, at one point drenching the crew and stopping the banding process.  

Bill capturing the nestling for banding

For our host, biologist Bill Holimon (ANHC) it meant missing the short window to band both nestlings in that particular nest, but at least there was one.  

Banding the baby and protecting it from the rain that was beginning to fall.

Mama RCW waits out our visit

The concerned RCW parents hung around so everyone got a good look at them.  One particular parent who had a big bug in its beak for it’s young patiently waited on the tree as a decoy so that we would spot the young ‘uns, giving us great views of her and even some passable pics.  

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