CAMN Participates in the Great Arkansas Cleanup

On Saturday, Oct. 5, fourteen CAMN volunteers assembled in downtown Little Rock at the Clark Wetlands, 13 acres of wetlands along the Arkansas River adjacent to the Clinton Presidential Library in downtown Little Rock. The Wetlands is designed to showcase wildlife and river life in a restored wetlands habitat for the education and enjoyment of millions of national and international visitors to the Clinton Presidential Park and Library.  However, the beauty of the Wetlands is often hidden by the trash and debris that accumulates there, mostly from run off from the city street.

The clean up required the use of a canoe both to ferry volunteers out to otherwise inaccessible land as well as to provide access to litter in the water.  Our canoe was manned by Carlos Sanchez the whole morning with assist first from Mary DeRusse, and then from Sherry Sanchez.

The Great Arkansas Cleanup organizers had provided a sign, shirts, gloves, trash bags, water and a few tote bags.  The tote bags were used as prizes for the most unusual find.  The “Grand Prize” went Christina Lauren and Nita Sheth for their work digging and removing an old rusty (and deeply embedded) piece of what appeared to be old fencing.  These women are strong!


Mother Nature must have approve of our activities, because she held off the hard rains until each of us was safely back in our cars on our way home.  She also sent a few photogenic residents of the wetlands to show their approval as well. A large snake came to dine on a fish in an area recently cleaned and a smaller snake supervised Nancy Eddy as she cleaned the litter trap area.  A large and beautiful garden spider cast it’s approving gaze on Nita and Christina as they trudges through the muck in search of litter.

Thanks to the folks at CANC for their assistance!  Participating in the day were Katherine Becker, Cathy Porter, Linda Parsons, Fran Henderson, Nancy Eddy, Frank Otto, Sherry Sanchez, Carlos Sanchez, Nancy Deckard, Christina Lauren, Nita Sheth, Mary DeRusse, Anne Owen and Rick Owen.  Thanks, everyone!

For additional photos of this event:

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