“Busy Bees” Presented by CAMN Interpretive Team

Article and photo by Katherine Becker: The St. Joseph’s Center Interpretive Team (Katherine Becker, Mara Leveritt, Chris King, and Sam Yates) presented “Busy Bees” on Saturday August 12th to fellow CAMNers and a group of farmer’s market customers.

The talk highlighted the importance of bees to the environment, how honey is made, plants that attract bees, and fun facts about bees.  The talk was followed by a “tour” of the bee hives at St. Joseph’s.  Pictured is Scott Landers co-beekeeper at St. Joseph’s discussing the things he has learned in setting up hives, keeping them free from disease, and collecting honey.

Next month’s talk will be held on September 9th.  The topic will be seed collecting at BBB.  If you are interested in participating contact Katherine Becker at grocerylady1@yahoo.com or call/text 831-2220.

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