2012 CAW Cleanup at Lake Maumelle

Lake Maumelle in west Pulaski County is a scenic 13.9 square mile reservoir that provides around 65% of the water used in Central Arkansas.  CAW (Central Arkansas Water) manages Lake Maumelle, and once a year invites volunteers to clean up the shore line.  This year, on Saturday, Nov. 10,  a team of CAMN members volunteered and were assigned to clean the north shore.  A piece of the Ouachita Trail runs through this area and it needed lots of attention, including some chainsaw action to remove fallen trees.  Bert Turner and Bill Toland got that job handled in short order.  The rest of us cleaned other trails and the shoreline.  The result of our labors was a mountain of trash, including tires, lots of glass, a metal bed frame, pipes, etc.  Some of the refuse had been there a very long time, as evidenced by the old-fashioned coke bottles we found everywhere! 

CAW rewarded the volunteers with pizza at the end of the event – and our hungry crew enjoyed it! 

 The Lake Maumelle cleanup wasn’t the only event happening around Central Arkansas at the same time.  Katherine Becker and Frank Otto were helping “Keep Sherwood Beautiful” and other CAMNer’s, such as Erin Schoen, helped out at the first annual Race the Base at PMSP.  Good work, everyone!

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