2009-07-04 CAMN Newsletter

We had a wonderful June month that was full of opportunities to get those advanced training hours. George Lauster led us into the Little Maumelle River as a knowledgeable Stream Team, Jay Justice took us on a mushroom hunt and Bert Turner brought new meaning to the word “trail.” Our own CAMNer’s taught these classes and we should be proud of their leadership. Thanks guys.

Even though the hot weather has slowed our steps, there are still opportunities to adopt new trails or join existing teams (PMSP, BP, Bell Slough, Gillam Park, Lake Maumelle, Little Rock, Two Rivers, others). The advantages this volunteer activity brings is that we see, touch, smell, hear–maybe even taste–more of nature. You can set your own hours, get physical activity, and meet lots of new people who really appreciate what you are doing. Contact Bert Turner at Bert_Turner@comcast.net  or Deborah Sallings at deborahsallings@gmail.com .

Our Treasurer, Dave Danner, has sent out special emails to those who haven’t paid their dues while updating our master list of members. Alice Jones, our Membership Chair, is finishing compiling our hours for last year. Thanks to their efforts, we will be starting the new year organized as a group.

New website still looking at late July or early August for log in training. The AMN Webmaster, Bob Santos,  will send out an email when it is time to check it out.

Have a great summer and see you at the general meeting on July 16th.

Martha Bowden, CAMN Web Content Coordinator


From the Presidential Point of View:

Greetings CAMNers!

I and your Board representatives had a productive month this past June. We have decided to change our calendar year to run from Jan.1 to Dec. 31, making it easier to do our taxes and keep track of expenses and member hours. It may be slightly challenging for newly graduated master naturalists to get their 40 hours of volunteer service but there will be plenty of opportunities during their training session and afterwards to get that done.

We have relieved the past president from having to serve on the Board another year (two years is enough of a commitment). We are changing that Board position to be another At-Large member and hopefully having it represent the most recent class of trainees. With that in mind we are most fortunate to have Dale Colclasure become our newest Board member. Thanks! Dale!

We also decided that our Web Content Coordinator deserves a voting presence on the Board and Martha Bowden has graciously accepted to be a Board member as well. Thanks! Martha!

Our monthly meeting was nicely attended and it was great to see everyone that came. We had so much fun talking about Master Naturalist issues that I hardly had time to wax philosophical about nature and life. Perhaps another time. It sure is nice to have the Witt Stephens Jr. Nature Center for our meeting place. All I can say is that everything is great about it….once we get the parking system down. My advice for those of you coming to the next meeting is don’t get intimidated by the parking issue. There is plenty of parking near the nature center. Just drive down toward the Clinton library past all those stores and museums and take that road that goes behind them to the nature center. There is other parking on the street and under some bridges that should be available.

And you will all want to make our next monthly meeting! The topic is “Ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes: Critters that suck” and we have THE expert in the field to enlighten us. Dr. Dayton Steelman from the U of A at Fayetteville will honor us with his knowledge and experience. These insects are his specialty so I can hardly wait to hear this presentation. Of course this presentation counts toward our advanced training hours as well.

Did I mention that we will have pizza at this meeting? We, the Board, thought that one of the drawbacks to monthly meetings was that many folks didn’t have a chance to eat between work and the meeting. So we are going to try having some substantial edible offerings and pizza is our first attempt at doing this.

Hope you all can make it on Thursday, July 16; 6:30 for pizza and social time; short meeting at 7 followed by “Ticks, chiggers and Mosquitoes”

When you come to the meeting, or any other CAMN sponsored event, be sure to wear your name tag. In case you have misplaced yours we are about to put in another order. For $10 (it just covers our costs) you can get one of those name tags with the magnets. Martha Bowden will be taking money and orders at the next general meeting.

Your President,

Tom Neale

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