September 2, 2013

FAMN Trail Maintenance at South Fork Nature Center

Following a Stream Team event on August 26 Bob Verboon and I drove over to SFNC to see how the pavilion is coming along (looks great!). After I left, Bob took a short walk on the trails and noted a number of blown down trees in the forest with some leaning against other trees along the trail and called me. I returned to SFNC on Tuesday August 29 and walked all of the SFNC trails making a list of hazardous conditions and obstructions. I shared that information with Dr Don Cullwell (our SFNC point of contact), and on Wednesday night August 30, Don requested that we remove these items. That resulted in my short notice request for volunteers to “Labor on Labor Day weekend”.


On Saturday morning Bob and I were joined by Grace Mullin with her very long loppers in hand, and the work began. In two hours we had cleared obstructions and hazards along the Shoreline Trail, small sections of the Glade and Cabin Trails, and the Waterfall Trail. Bob handled the power saw, and I used a bow saw to drop and cut-up the trees leaning across the trails or close alongside, and Grace lopped off low hanging limbs along the trails we travelled.


NOTE: Grace also handled the photography, but declined to pose in her wilderness ensemble.

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